The Principal Circle

A safe & supportive coaching forum for Principals to connect, reflect & address the challenges they face.

"Nobody gets a Principal like other Principals!"

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What's Involved in the Principal Circle?

monthly zoom
& HOT SEAT sessions

Weekdays starting March 2024

7:00am – 9:00am – Breakfast Club


10:00am – 12:00pm – Morning Crew

1:00pm – 3:00pm – Arvo Crowd

Facilitated Collegial Conversations tailored around the interests & challenges of the group.

Small groups so you can hear & be heard.

on demand
focus coaching

Had something come up that you’d like to chat about quickly?

Members of The Principal Circle can access Dan or Tim to help you navigate any issues in real time.

What our Alumni say...

Meet Your Facilitators

Dan Haesler is a coach who works with elite athletes & teams as well as corporate leaders & educators.

His work centres on happier, healthier and higher performance.

Dan is an international keynote speaker and regularly presents alongside industry leaders on topics of leadership, mindset, motivation and peak performance.

He is also the author of The Act of Leadership – A playbook for leading with humility, clarity & purpose.

Before moving to Australia, he was once identified, on national TV, as the UK’s worst housemate. 

Tim Perkins is a highly engaging coach, facilitator and keynote speaker and an expert listener. His work focuses around themes of Wellbeing, Mindset, Engagement and Motivation and how this impacts leadership and change. For more than 25 years, Tim has been empowering people to flourish personally and professionally – this is both his skill and passion.

Tim is a creative thinker and problem solver who has the ability to get others around him thinking with greater clarity and critical discernment.

During the First Gulf War, in an unexpected turn of events, Tim found himself being smuggled into Iraq, posing as a French journalist.

What our Alumni say...

Tell Me More...

There is no curriculum as such. Rather, The Principal Circle is tailored to meet the challenges that principals face. The direction of each circle is informed by the challenges you, as our members, are facing. By leveraging the collective expertise & experience within the group, you can anticipate exploring concepts such as: 

Emotional intelligence, holding people accountable, difficult conversations, leading teams and navigating change.

Once a month your Circle will get together for a 2hr Group Session. There is no obligation for you to attend every session. However, we ask that you aim for at least 75% attendance rate.

In 2024, we will gather in the weeks of: 

  • 4th March – 8th March
  • 8th April – 12th April
  • 6th May – 10th May
  • 3rd June – 7th June
  • 1st July – 5th July
  • 19th August – 23rd August
  • 16th September – 20th September
  • 14th October – 18th October
  • 18th November – 22nd November
  • 9th December – 13th December

Based on what principals have told us they want, Circle Zoom sessions consist of only a small number of participants in order to ensure an immersive and valuable experience for all.

As well as addressing current issues, we dig deeper into the work of the world’s leading experts in the field of leadership who we’ve been fortunate enough to interview specifically to support you, and school leaders across Australia.  

You also have the opportunity to jump into the Hot Seat in which you can bring a challenge you’re dealing with specifically to gain insight from your Circle colleagues. 

Along with the occasional reading The Principal Circle is sure to stimulate and support you in your role.

All members of The Principal Circle have access to Dan or Tim whenever they would like to work through a specific challenge they’re facing in real time. 

Dan & Tim are able to act not only as an objective sounding board, but are also skilled in helping people achieve clarity about the next step required in overcoming their challenges. 


Membership to the The Principal Circle

Monthly Zoom Group Sessions

On Demand Focus Coaching to help you navigate challenges as they come up

A signed copy of Dan’s best-selling book, The Act of Leadership – A playbook for leading with humility, clarity & purpose.

Your own Principal Circle Learning Journal to curate your learning & insights.

Access to our App platform with further resources.

Investment: 2495 +GST

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